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Hey Tiranga Agents and players!

Want to earn rewards even when you’re not playing? The Tiranga Agent Program (TAP) lets you do just that!

TAP helps you invite friends to join the fun world of Tiranga Game. It’s like sharing your favorite game and getting awesome stuff for it! Whether you’re a social media star or just love the game, TAP has something for you. Everyone can win!

Read on to find out more about TAP and all the cool benefits waiting for you!

What is Tiranga Agent Program?

Tiranga Agent Program (TAP) helps you invite friends to play Tiranga Game and earn rewards! It servers as an assistance to those individuals who are starting their journey to talk and invite people to play using their own invite code. TAP makes inviting friends to play Tiranga Games easier. It does this by taking care of some things for you and giving you a website that’s easy to use. This allows agents to focus on building their network and promoting the game effectively.

By creating a more accessible system, TAP opens the door for anyone with an interest in promoting Tiranga Games to join the program. This fosters a wider reach for the platform and ultimately benefits both agents and players.

TAP goes beyond just sending invites. TAP lets you connect with other agents who play Tiranga Games. You can learn from each other, share your best tips, and celebrate your wins together!

With TAP, you can become a successful Tiranga Games Agent!

Benefits of Joining the Program

Joining a program where all the marketing materials are already provided can offer several benefits:

1. Time Efficiency: You can save significant time because you don’t need to create marketing materials from scratch. This allows you to focus more on sales, customer interaction, and other aspects of communicating development.

2. Consistency in Branding: Pre-designed materials ensure brand consistency across all platforms and communications. This helps in building a cohesive brand image, which is crucial for customer recognition and loyalty.

3. Professional Quality: People who make a living from advertising usually create these things. So, they tend to look good, grab people’s attention, and make them want to learn more.

The system are created by Tiranga’s Marketing Team teaming up with Brand and SEO Specialist to boost more the platform’s online presence.

4. Cost Savings: By not having to hire designers or purchase design tools, you can reduce costs significantly. This is particularly beneficial for applying agent with no big capital to start inviting using an automated system.

Note: You just need to deposit 300 INR on you new gaming account to gain all the marketing materials provided by TAP Program.

5. Quick Start: New businesses and products do better when they have cool marketing stuff ready to go. This way, they can start inviting people to try them out quicker! This rapid deployment can be crucial in staying ahead of competitors.

6. Less Skill Required: Making fancy ads can be tricky! Pre-made marketing materials mean you don’t need to be a design pro. This lets you focus on what you’re good at, like talking to people about your product.

7. Testing and Optimization: Some programs that offer these marketing things update them often based on what works best. This means you get stuff that’s more likely to convince people to try your product, because they’ve tested it out a bunch already!

8. Scalability: The bigger your business gets, the more you need marketing tools that work the same way every time. This way, you can grow your marketing without messing anything up!

Joining a program with these marketing tools can be a smart choice, especially if it fits your plans and you can use the tools along with your other marketing ideas!

Training and Resources

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1. Certificate as a Legitimate Agent

Earning a certificate shows you’ve mastered a skill or completed a program. It can impress you invites, boost your confidence, and open doors to new opportunities.

2. Web-Application

This web application acts as the invitation for your friends to register using your code. They can access it through a web browser or download the mobile app (APK version) to register.

3. Agent Website

A personalized agent website. Your agent website will display your own invite code, all the cool stuff players get right now, and info about Tiranga Games. This makes you a more legitimate Tiranga Agent and lets people learn about the program themselves, saving you time!

4. Colour Prediction Tool App

Here’s another cool bonus! Get a free colour prediction tool for Win Go. This tool uses super smarts (algorithms) to guess the colors in the game, making it easier for you to win!

5. FREE DEMO ACCOUNT (Meet a certain requirements)

An account that helps you promote and invite more people because it grants you access to resources for all the games.

How to get Access for Demo Accounts

If you want to access the Free Demo Account, There are certain requirements we’re requiring:

1. The applying agent must be registered under our Tiranga Invite Code48853551

2. The applying agent must have a YouTube Channel, Telegram Channel, Instagram and Facebook pages, and any other social media promotional groups.

3. The applying agent must provide links or video records of their works. (previous works or video links URLs)

4. The applying agent must create a video review on how they will promote Tiranga Game.
(for promotion and identity check)

Accessing the demo account is impossible if any of the following conditions and requirements are not met.

Eligibility and Enrollment for TAP

  1. The applying agent must be registered with our Tiranga Invite Code – 48853551.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. You cannot enroll on the program if you’re not registered under the link provided.

  1. The applying agent must recharge first before accessing any of the promotional tools and equipment.

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To check if you’re not just registering and you’re that serious to invite more people. We’re requiring our applying agent to deposit or recharge of at least minimum of ₹300.

In exchange, you will get all the marketing materials mentioned above (excluding the free demo account).

Career Development and Growth within TAP

At TAP, we believe every agent deserves the right support to succeed in their chosen income-generating role. Our rock-solid commitment is to foster a community that supports growth and development opportunities.

Here’s how we ensure every team member has the tools and opportunities to thrive professionally.

1. Systematic Automation Programs

We offer an advanced system that utilizes technology to assist agents within the program with inviting and promoting Tiranga Game. We provide marketing materials not just for agents, but also for their invites and the entire team.

2. Regular Performance and Career Path Reviews

We regularly check in with our employees to see how they’re doing. We talk about what they’re good at, what they can get better at, and where they might want to go in the future at our company. These reviews are constructive, aimed at setting attainable career goals and the steps required to achieve them.

3. Innovation and Project Leadership

Employees at TAP are encouraged to lead projects and initiatives that allow them to apply their skills innovatively. If employees take charge of projects, they can show they’re ready for bigger jobs and help the company win!

The program is open to any ideas given by any of our partnered agents. This will ensure that you can be innovative and be a leader on your own ways. The program is supporting 100% of any agents plans on how to promote and invite.

4. Recognition and Rewards

Recognizing and rewarding achievements is an integral part of our culture at TAP. We give shout-outs to employees who do extra awesome things! We don’t just give them rewards, we also tell everyone about their achievements.


At TAP, we are committed on helping and for the development of our partnered agents as we recognize that their growth leads to our success. We provide a supportive environment that encourages innovation, continuous learning, and career progression. TAP isn’t just about work! It helps you learn and grow as a person too.

You want to be rich? Play Tiranga Games.
You want to change your lifestyle and help other people? Be a Tiranga Agent and Join the program!

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